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Wednesday, 26 April 2017
Coming Feasts
Sun, 30 April '17

St James, Apostle, the brother of St John

Tue, 2 May '17

St Athanasius

Mon, 8 May '17

St John the Theologian, Apostle and Evangelist

Wed, 10 May '17

The Apostle Simon Zelotes

Sun, 21 May '17

The Great and holy Sovereigns, Equal-to-the-Apostles, Constantine and Helen

O God, in Thy name save me, and in Thy strength do Thou judge me.
Verse: O God hearken unto my prayer, give ear unto the words of my mouth.

Wisdom from the Holy Fathers
An abbot many years ago cut out hospitality from his monastery. It is said that very night, all night long, the ants were busy removing the entire supply of the monastery's wheat from the storage room to the sea!
On Hospitality

For those interested in the Orthodox Church and Faith please feel free to contact a Church representative near you for further information or contact Fr Ian (see Contacts for details).

Paschal Feasts
Thu, 25 May


Sun, 4 June


Latest News

Service(s) for Wednesday
Hieromartyr Basil, Bishop of Amasea. Ioanikios of Devitch. Stephen, Bishop of Perm. Venerable Glaphyra and George.

Service(s) for Thursday
Enoder, Abbot in Wales, Grandson of Saint Brychan of Brecknock. Hieromartyr Simeon, the kinsman of the Lord. incineration of the relics of Sabbas, first Archbishop of Serbia, by Sinan Pasha (1595). Stephen, Bishop of Vladimir. Tassach (Asicus), Bishop of Elphin, Ireland. Venerable George, John and Eulogios the hospitable. Winebald, Abbot of Beverly, England.

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