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Friday, 9 December 2016
Coming Feasts
Mon, 12 December '16

St Spyridon the Miracle-worker, Bishop of Trimythus

Tue, 13 December '16

The Holy Martyrs Eustratius, Auxence, Eugene, Mardarius and Orestes

Thu, 15 December '16

The Priest-martyr Eleftherius

Sat, 24 December '16

The Eve of the Nativity of Christ

Feast of our Lord
Sun, 25 December '16

The Nativity of Our Lord, God and Saviour, Jesus Christ

O God, Thou art my helper; Thy mercy shall go before me.
Verse: Rescue me from mine enemies, O God, and from them that rise up against me redeem me.

Wisdom from the Holy Fathers
An illiterate and simple hermit told me: "Those who are too clever are quickly caught in Satan's web because they are filled with ego, my blessed father. They are like crabs caught in a fishing net."
On Discernment of Thought

For those interested in the Orthodox Church and Faith please feel free to contact a Church representative near you for further information or contact Fr Ian (see Contacts for details).

Coming Events

Latest News

Service(s) for Saturday
Angelina of Albania, mother of Blessed John, King of Serbia. Deinol (Daniel), Bishop of Bangor, Wales. Joasaph, Bishop of Belgorod. Martyrs Menas, Hermogenes and Eugraphos of Alexandria. Venerable Thomas of Bithynia.

Service(s) for Sunday
Cian, Hermit in Caernarvonshire, Wales. Martyr Barsabbas of Persia. Peris, Confessor of Wales. Venerable Daniel the Stylite, Luke the New Stylite, Nomon and Leontios.

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