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Tuesday, 27 September 2016
Coming Feasts
Wed, 28 September '16

St Chariton, Confessor

Thu, 6 October '16

St Thomas, Apostle

Sun, 9 October '16

St James, Apostle, son of Alphaeus

Tue, 18 October '16

St Luke, Apostle and Evangelist

Sun, 23 October '16

St James, Apostle, Brother of Our Lord

Thy mercy shall pursue me, O Lord, all the days of my life.
Verse: The Lord is my shepherd, and I shall not want; in a place of green pasture, there hath He made me to dwell.

Wisdom from the Holy Fathers
He who is not attracted by worldly things cherishes stillness. He who loves nothing merely human loves all men. And he who takes no offence at anyone either on account of their faults, or on account of his own suspicious thoughts, has knowledge of God and of things divine.
On Love

For those interested in the Orthodox Church and Faith please feel free to contact a Church representative near you for further information or contact Fr Ian (see Contacts for details).

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Service(s) for Tuesday
Barry, Disciple of Saint Cadoc Wulsin, Bishop and Confessor of Sherborne. Martyr Kallistratos. New-Martyr Aquilina. Sigebert, King of East Anglia and Monk. the Apostle Aristarchos, Zenon and Mark of the Seventy. Venerable Ignatios, abbot in Asia Minor. Venerable Savvatios of Solovky.

Service(s) for Wednesday
St Chariton, Confessor
Conwall of Scotland, Priest, Disciple of Saint Kentigern. Forseus, Bishop in Ireland. Lioba (+782), Nun of Minster-in-Thanet and Later of Wimborne, Dorset, Under Saint Tetta; She Was Sent to Help Her Relative, Saint Boniface, in Germany, Where She Became an Abbess. Machan, Bishop in Scotland. Martyr Heliodoros. Martyr Wenceslaus, prince of the Czechs. Prophet Baruch. Tetta (+c 772), Abbess of Wimborne, Dorset, and Wonderworker, Friend of Saint Boniface. Venerable Chariton the confessor, abbot of Palestine. Venerable Neophytos and Auxentios.

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Wisdom of the Fathers is from An Athonite Gerontikon: Sayings of the Holy Fathers of Mount Athos and The Philokalia
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